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A collection of family research links for your African family heritage project


Family Name Search – South Africa       General Family Name search – South Africa.  Click the link, add any details you know, & checkout the matches.  *Free –  South Africa  Free family search for births & related genealogy/family history.  Can order certificates on-line.        *Free

South African Family Tree Resources – A list of useful resources for South African family tree research

South African & Rhodesian Casualties (serving with British Units likely buried in the UK – Pre & Post WW11

Rhodesian Intaf

Rhodesian Post Bush War Deaths – 

Rhodesian Obituaries – A 45 page .pdf that draws info from various open sources

What info do SA War records provide?  – Harry Clifford Mccleland’s records posted by his son. Link used here as an example of what you might find.

Rhodesian Services Roll of Honour A list by Dr J Wood. Sobering read, work in progress. Lists losses 11/11/1965 – 30/03/1980

Rhodesian Farmers : In Memoriam Please read the disclaimer on the site.

Looking for information on African War dead?  Are you able to help with this important project?  For either of these checkout the graphic below.  It covers a lot more than South African War graves & is an excellent resource which we can all use & maybe even contribute to.  War Graves project

Tracing a specific person?

Rhodesian Soldier –    UK-based, interest in Rhodesian forces. Prices start at £25 (subject to change)

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