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November 15, 2019

A Gay Rhodesian

A gay Rhodesian? The thought never occurred to me before, I don’t know why. Peter Wood changed that. He wrote a book called Mud Between My Toes which ticks one name off my Christmas gift lists this year -If I can stop listening to him long enough to actually order a copy.

So what’s it about? The author describes it as a memoir based on his own school diaries from the 1970s. Stories, many surprisingly light-hearted, about his life growing up as a gay white boy growing up during the Rhodesian Bush War.

A gay African caucasian, now with Chinese citizenship and living in Hong Kong, talking about his years in Rhodesia is hard to ignore. I’m sharing his podcast for anyone who feels the same way.

Peter talks about his family, the beauty of his surroundings, eccentric adults, civil war and coming to terms with his homosexuality in an isolated country where men were masculine and the lifestyle was quite unique.

Listen In

The following podcasts are not an audiobook – They are anecdotes, stories and interviews where Peter Wood talks about his life, friends, experiences and how his book came to life. You can download and listen to them your mobile ‘phone, or visit the Podcast Website and stream them from there.


Episode 1 – About Peter Wood

Episode 2 – I am an African

Episode 3 – Conversations

Peter talks to a well known Australian journalist

Episode 4 – The Old House

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episodes 8 to 15

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