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December 3, 2020

Archives for September 2015

Is the Zim government anti-poaching?

Is the Zim government anti-poaching? Poaching is rife in most of Africa.  It is decimating wildlife & protecting these animals is the job of the brave few who face daily battles with little or no support.  This group, often referred to as “the thin green line” fight to protect what is left of the remaining,

Sailfish caught Khorfakkan August 2015

Sailfish caught August 2015 Tienie Oosthuisen & friends caught this beautiful fish that I wanted to share with you.   Caught in Khorfakkan on 28 August 2015, the pictures speak for themselves. The sailfish is the fastest fish in the ocean.  They can reach speeds of up to 68mph/110kmph. Members of the billfish family, hence their

Taylor Swift’s colonial video, “Wildest Dreams”

Taylor Swift’s colonial video, “Wildest dreams” seems to have created a media sandstorm. Taylor Swift’s video for her song, “Wildest Dreams” was aired during the MTV VMA coverage earlier this week.  This creative short video has, however, seemingly attracted some hissing & spitting from the moral masses. The film looks & feels like a polished

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