Tribal Thoughts

Ilona Kolbe

De Hoop Nature Reserve

De Hoop Nature Reserve is probably best known for the opportunity it offers for on-land whale watching. Ilona Kolbe took a day trip recently, and took some photgraphs that show other pleasures in this diverse region. Small Matters The reserve doesn’t feature the “Big 5”, which makes it an extra special space for walkers, joggers…

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Gaffing Season

The weather is getting chilly, and we risk losing our heads. Fairness is not a universal concept, and our bridges burn.

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Bog Roll

As the so called “second wave” of the Coronavirus threatens to hit, there are growing reports that we are at it again – Buying bog roll.

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Terror September

Those who have lived long enough to remember a civilian aircraft being shot down in the then Rhodesia in 1978 have long since associated Terror September with our capacity for violence and evil. The international silence that followed rubbed caustic soda in the wounds of the bereaved. While another attack has happened since, with far…

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African Food

Bake Your Own Water

Bake your own water sponge cake. Rhodie recipe for sponge, happiness and resilience. Hard times have always been with us. The world has changed a lot over time, but some truths prevail. I’m thinking about people. No matter how much we indulge ourselves in fun, shopping, complaining and other entertaining distractions – We become brave…

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Rhodesian Pioneer Club UK July braai 2016

The July Braai, or “JB”  is an annual event hosted by the Rhodesian Pioneer Club in the UK.  This year, it was held at Beechwood Leisure Park & was very well supported.  Depending on school holiday times, it usually takes place during the last weekend in July. Accommodation There is normally a broad choice on offer…

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African shopping in the UK

African shopping in the UK (on the cheap) You can buy anything in the UK, for a price.  When it comes to buying items and brands that you are used to, these purchases can be expensive. Very expensive. If you scout around, you can often do your African shopping in the UK very cheaply. Finding…

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Tasty Tart

Tasty tarts with a dash of speed are making a Cape comeback  There are a million things the Cape could boast about, but spicing up the world must surely top the list.  The trading post opened the door for goods to cross the globe & brought spices to Europe. Frozen taste buds thawed & skipped at least…

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Access to Help – Illness with PTSD UK

In theory, there is a huge focus on access to mental health support in the UK. I imagine this is a driver worldwide, at least in the so-called civilized parts. How well is this working when it comes to the now ageing, frailing veterans of the Bush wars that were conscripted to fight for long,…

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RHODESIAN THANKSGIVING REMEMBRANCE DAY 11th November Flame lilies grow in the ‘Hondo’ valley, where brave soldiers fought and fell, They witnessed courageous young men fight to the very gates of Hell. Like the crimson poppies of Flanders field, let Rhodesians always recall, We too have a flower of great beauty that witnessed brave Rhodesians fall….


Rhodesian Remembrance 2018 UK

They were only boys…but their stoic heroism survives.
They are etched forever in our hearts, minds and souls,
Their names forever engraved on our Rhodesian scrolls,
“Hamba kahle”, brave soldiers prematurely gone to rest,
“Sala kahle”, by your legacies Rhodesians are truly blessed. – by Alf Hutchison

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PTSD / Lessons from old Servicemen World at War Today Most of the world is currently involved in war. Now. At this very moment. 2016 – & we are still at it. Media coverage is limited to human stories. A badly injured child or an isolated event captures viewers interest for day or maybe a…

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